Home use equipment
    Pure water machine 
    Straight drink equipment 
    Pipeline machine 
    Stainless steel potable water 

  Large-scale equipment
    Multiway Water Supply 
    EDI equipment 
    Electrical factory ultra pure 
    Drink industry is useing water 

  Equipment fitting
    Industry Filter material 
    Home use filter material 
    Home use fittings 
    Industry fittings 


Xiamen AiQiEr scientific technology CO.,LTD. is an enterprise specialize in studying, developing and using water treatment technology. It assimilates and introduces advanced technology and equipment in the world, and its products have superior design, stable performance and reliable quality.

  The products of Angel Company have extensive application. When used in business field they could be used for producing and drinking in factory and public place. As to civilian use, we could design the best process proposal according to the concrete situation of the quality of water source, guarding the drinking safety of every family appropriately, to enalbe consumer enjoying high-quality water without being away from home.

  Confidence comes from outstanding quality and services. We will strive to provide for you the complete commodity type, the reliable commodity quality, the preferential commodity price and the thoughtful clipper service. We care about the details, consider every customer, every commodity’s quality, every cost of production, every service, achieve every detail most completely, provide for you the ultra-valued high-quality goods and serves.

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